We review the new single from James Holkworth Conspiracy – The Battle of Faughart

Rockin’ guitar duels and tales of war from Swedish-based James Holkworth Conspiracy with their latest big single ‘The Battle of Faughart’.

Featuring legendary axemen Laurence Archer and Robin George (both known for working with THE Phil Lynott in decades past), the thundering track sees the two seasoned musicians battling it out together for the first time. Joined too by From the Sky guitarist Staffan Österlind, there’s an unmistakable explosion of Thin Lizzy-drenched riffs and harmonies – it’s no surprise that the song is in fact dedicated to the iconic Irish frontman.

Lyrically about the very real Battle of Faughart (1318), it’s a historical tale detailing the events of part of the First War of Scottish Independence and more precisely the Irish Bruce Wars. A Hiberno-Norman force led by John de Bermingham and Edmund Butler, Earl of Carrick faced a Scottish and Irish army commanded by Prince Edward Bruce, brother of King Robert I of Scots.

“Upon the hill and preparing for battle / Having no doubt that his men will prevail /
How could he lose? He’s the High King of Ireland / He doesn’t know that his tactics will fail”

While fighting for freedom, the defeat and bloody death of Bruce at the battle ended the attempt to revive the High Kingship of Ireland.

“Soon his body will be split in four / That’s Medieval”

The intricate storytelling from James Holkworth on lead vocals draws you right into the battle, backed by beat heavy drums and that layered twin guitar sound that (despite the subject matter) you can’t help but bop along to. From a band that believes in “humor, beer and good songs” – this is for fans of Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and no doubt, a few history buffs too.