We review the new single from James Sebastian – Bedsheets

Raw energy and retro rock and roll vibes, ‘Bedsheets’ is the brand new single from the Exeter based songwriter. ‘Bedsheets’ fizzes with unbridled energy, screeching guitars and screaming vocals vie for attention in this vibrant rock tune.

This song gets going pretty sharpish, a quick vocal intro and drum count in bring us straight into the mix, Sebastian’s vocals coming through with that distinctive whining 70s rock sound. James Sebastian performs the melody more than sings it, with the drama of the performance sometimes coming at the expense of the pitching. However, don’t let this deter you! The magic of this song is in the tangible energy that oozes from every word Sebastian utters. He shouts and growls his way through the song, performing vocal acrobatics that implies a truly electrifying live performance.

Backed by screeching guitars that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Led Zeppelin track, and drums pound relentlessly, driving the song ever forward. The production style is quite dry, sounding like an authentic live performance, rather than divulging in the usual studio trickery, which creates something that sits apart from Sebastian’s contemporaries.

Coming in at just under 3 minutes in running time, this is a speedy rocket of a single. It fires its way through the verses and choruses and is over before you know it. The choruses are loud and explosive, guitar lines expanding to fill every crevice of space, and leaving little room for anything else, as the various vocal lines jostle for the limelight.

Sebastian is clearly striving for a retro rock sound, something he totally achieves with an authentically performed single that is brought to life with his personality-filled voice and ear-melting guitar licks.