We Review The New Single From Jameson Day – Just Feel

Canadian singer-songwriter, Jameson Day bursts onto the scene with his emotive rock and roll number, Just Feel.

The steady verses and explosive choruses full of warm background vocals have all the makings of a Springsteen piece. Both lyrically and musically whilst it is full of optimistic moments, Just Feel is a delicate track and the delightful piano easily reflects that.

The continuous rhythms from guitar and drums respectively make for an engaging and steady beat that doesn’t need to blow your mind or go too off the beaten path. With Day’s accompanying scratchy vocals, we’re presented with a slick Americana piece that feels like it’s been waiting for years to be heard. The gentle acoustics and subtle bass guitar verses aid the vocals greatly in proving this is a song with lots of heart.

Whilst the choruses present a bigger impact on the song where a flurry of additional vocals and instruments encompass the far-reaching singing, the mood only changes just slightly which eases the listener back and forth from the changing tempo.

Just Feel does what it says on the tin, it’s a track reaching out to emotions and general goals in life which is easily accessible to its audience who will no doubt relate to Day’s lyrical aspirations. It is one of the most emotional-gripping tracks of this year that didn’t require a gentle acoustic guitar or the singer crying over a microphone. Just Feel is a well-worked, well-produced, and well-thought-out piece of personal musicianship.