We review the new single from Jamie Ainslie – F.T.S.

Earlier this year, when chatting with RGM, Hartlepool-born artist Jamie Ainslie said he had a release planned for later this year that would be ‘all guitar riffs’. Well the year has flown by because now it’s here, and he certainly wasn’t joking when he said it would be heavy on the guitar riffs.

‘F.T.S.’ is a single that is jam-packed with big, distorted noise. Jamie warned us, and we shouldn’t have expected anything less.

Whilst we’ve definitely seen Jamie utilise a bit of rock guitar in previous singles like ‘Ready For This’, he seems to have taken it to another level in ‘F.T.S.’. The track is saturated with fuzzy riffs and hard-hitting drums. To top it all off, he’s thrown a shredding guitar solo that is just the right length so as to not feel like the guitarist has gone on a mad moment of ‘’inspiration’’.

Jamie’s northern twang is easily noticeable, but that’s the majority of what I can make out in the vocals. With all the noise and chaos across the song it begins to disguise the lyrics and the meaning behind them. I couldn’t tell you what F.T.S. stood for.

In the build up to the song’s release, Jamie was aware that this track might not have the most universal appeal. He said ‘If you like guitar riffs and general noise, then this track might be for you.’. Obviously big guitar riffs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Jamie is right to focus on the people that will enjoy it. They are the people that should encourage him to work harder and harder at his music. You never know, it might just pay off. 

‘F.T.S.’ is fast, intense, and will almost certainly inject a shot of energy into your day. It’s available from the 3rd September, so show some support and give it a try! It might just be your thing.