We Review The New Single From Jem – Secrets

Turkish-born and London-residing musician, Jem presents his beautiful new piece Secrets with a visually striking music video to accompany it.

Jem’s wailing vocals pull on the heartstrings and have a familiar Thom Yorke style to them. The vocals fill the track and remain with notes being held onto as if Jem cannot part with them.

The slow-moving visionary approach to the music video featuring close-up shots of faces, sunset landscapes, and dances creates an absorbing world that captures the sound perfectly.

The middle-eastern percussion and classic rock acoustic guitars embellish a warm and yet mysterious sound. The lyrical discussion of secrets and dreams creates the sense of unknowing and furthermore wanting to know more.

The wide vocal delivery and warm guitar tones provide a dreamy feel to the song and Jem’s vocal delivery is certainly something to look out for.