Emerging indie artist Jen Dixon offers a promising taste of what to expect from her upcoming debut EP ‘Less than a feeling’ with new track ‘Over You’, an impressive display of the Northerner’s genre-defying musical talents.

With appraise from the likes of BBC Introducing and Radio X, expectations for the release were already set high. The pressure doesn’t seem to have got to Jen though, with ‘Over You’ offering just under 3 minutes of musical escapism.

Soothing vocals and ethereal harmonies open the track and immediately establish its infectiously uplifting tone. The thought-provoking record cleverly encapsulates the emotional turbulence of life’s ups and downs through combining candid storytelling with mellow verses and powerful choruses. Centring around newfound hope, the track serves as an important reminder of how quickly life can change for the better.

Moving chord progressions reach their climax in the penultimate chorus before all production is stripped back to showcase Dixon’s vocal diversity with a rhythmic and poetic rap during the middle 8. The momentary interruption from layered instrumental production provides an endearing account of Dixon’s inner thoughts which seems to hold the emotional intimacy of an honest conversation with a close friend.

As the track nears its end, the re-introduction of soaring melodies and captivating percussive sounds in the final chorus solidifies ‘Over You’ as an anthem of new beginnings and hope for the future.

‘Over You’ is the first release from Dixon’s forthcoming EP due out June 30th and definitely establishes a strong start for the upcoming artist.