We review the new single from Jen Dixon – Speed of Light

‘Speed of Light’ is the emotive and tender new single from Teesside singer songwriter Jen Dixon. Strong Dido-esque vocals float over a spacious mix, with twinkling piano and a supersaturated drum beat. ‘Speed of Light’ is an empowering love song that reflects on the effect that falling in love has had on her, giving her the strength to ‘jump’.

This song is short and sweet, achieving that beautiful effect of leaving us wanting more. Dixon’s vocals are strong and tender at the same time, conveying the intimacy of her feelings and the euphoria of her emotions.

The mix of this track is beautifully delicate, and builds to a satisfying climax, each section of the song giving us a little more. Hints of a guitar solo and huge vocals feel restrained at times, it might have been nice to hear Dixon let loose on this track and showcase the full range of her abilities, but maybe that is being saved for the stage.

Jen Dixon’s vocal performance is a convincing one, as she offers a nuanced delivery of this beautiful song. Her lyrics have powerful imagery that draw from tropes and cliches but remain original and imaginative.

‘Speed of Light’ shows great promise for this relatively new artist, Jen Dixon has only been pursuing her music career for around a year. A power ballad being delivered at the highest level, Jen Dixon displays intelligent song writing and a nuanced arrangement of this song allows her lyrics and vocals to flourish.