We review the new single from Jiminil – Family Tree

Powerful folk artist Jiminil returns with iconic sophomore single ‘Family Tree’. A track that wonders down avenues of shoegaze, psychedelia and neo-folk, the second single from Jiminil feels like he’s dipped a paintbrush into a rainbow of colours to create a visionary, memorable experience.

Not only letting listeners relate to the auditory field, ‘Family Tree’ is visually endearing mainly because you can picture your own storyboard as the track plays. Influenced by legendary artists such as Bert Jansch, John Renbourn and John Martyn, you can hear that Jiminil has been raised listening to the greats because of the intricacy within the new release.

Showcases a more tender side than debut single ‘Spider’, the new single is armed with a hard-hitting message. Speaking to each family member about confessions, questions and apologies, ‘Family Tree‘ feels like it needs a warning in some places because of its relatability.

Feeling like a guiding light for families across the globe, the track leaves listeners in the dark as to what happens next with the family. Imagine Cluedo but as a song – this mystery, but without the murder, is a gothic folk tale that leaves listeners putting their own interpretation on the story.

It’s like reading a mystery book at night minus the part where you fall asleep – this will leave you gripped.