We review the new single from Jimmy Maddon – Do You Feel?

Sheffield-based solo artist Jimmy Maddon aka the ‘Baroque Star’ returns with ‘Do You Feel?’ – the third and final single from his forthcoming second album. And much like another one of his monikers, this ‘slithering snake’ of a track is a slow and seriously sulky number.

No stranger to the stage, Maddon already has an eponymously named debut album under his belt released in 2020, not to mention tours across the UK, America and Asia. Channelling rock legends like David Bowie and Lou Reed in his work – it’s a fusion of bluesy-glam-rock that treads the line between both classic and contemporary.

‘Do You Feel?’ – recorded during a snow storm at a studio built under Sheffield’s Bramall Lane – comes in at a 4.16 runtime proving it’s no snappy effort. On the contrary, there’s a measured pace to this track – a steady creeping which sets an undeniably moody mood from the very off.
A guitar riff slithers and slides throughout backed by a brooding bassline as Maddon’s vocals echo this taking on a soft yet playful almost spoken word quality akin to that of both Bowie and Reed.

“This was written while I was breaking up with a girlfriend I was living with – we knew the relationship was all but over but tried to keep it alive.” Maddon explains.
Lyrics talk of vinyl records, shadows dancing and only calling “when you’ve had a few”. It’s evocative imagery that sums up a certain wistful cheekiness in the face of an impending break up.

The only change to form comes at around the 3.48 mark where an angular guitar solo enters the mix. It’s a jarring way to end this track, but I get the feel – that was the point.