We review the new single from Jodie Brown – Eze

The mixture of indie rock and punk vibe well together and nostalgically in the track, Eze, from London artist Jodie Brown

Reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s softer moments and some early Radiohead, Brown’s vocals are dreamy of driving guitar riffs that are quite rhythmic.

It’s a dreamy experience with the continuous verses and slight upbeat break into the chorus. The jumping back and forth between the 2/3 chords in the chorus gives the song a dancey feel to it which breaks off so nicely. At the same time, I want another bridge and another chorus.

Brown has the kind of sound that will flow from one track into another and her soft vocals enable you to close your eyes and sway along to the enchanting guitar tones and patterns.

It’s a straightforward guitar and vocals rock track with additional instrumentation helping to keep things steady, but the vocals and guitar are what keep us entertained throughout the song.