We Review The New Single From Joe Astley – Scrubswood Heights Blues

A jaunty Beatles-esc tune with ballroom bass and jigging drums sees singer-songwriter Joe Astley return with his sing-a-long track, Scrubswood Heights Blues.

The Wigan musician has reached into his childhood inspiration for this rock ‘n roll number with stripped-back production and his native vocals sounding like it’s been pulled right out of the 70s. The track also touches on Jam rhythms and modern indie attitudes.

The bass guitar almost has an oompah band feel to it as it rocks back and forth before breaking up the tracks in the bridge with its short but sweet fillers.

Scrubswood Heights Blues is a piece with a working-class touch and aspirational vibes with making the most of your days, with a very nostalgic outlook.

The guitars are kept clean and consistent as the jangly chords rapidly play throughout the rhythms with greater attention given to the harmonised and filler vocal additions.

It’s a happy-go-lucky track that wears its influences on its sleeves. By no means is it as simple a track as it sounds and the layering of the instruments decoratively merge together to create a vintage and warm-toned track.