We review the new single from Joe King and The Jays – Small Talks

Punchy and fun, ‘Small Talks’ is the brilliant new single from Manchester/ Sheffield based Joe King and The Jays. This loud three-piece have crafted their own light-hearted blend of Pop Punk. Their new single ‘Small Talks’ epitomises their mission to not take themselves too seriously.

Cheeky and blunt, ‘Small Talks’ pokes fun at the mundanity of daily routine, the small talk we all endure and unwillingly participate in during daily commutes. Transforming this relatable experience into a colourful and fun track, ‘Small Talks’ is vibrant and edgy, with jagged guitars and punk indie vocals to boost the attitude of the song.

Small Talks’ jumps straight into the song; punchy vocals punctuated by stab guitar chords. Lyrics articulate mundane small talk, asking about the weather and pointless introductions. The chorus lifts with raw energy and attitude.

Recorded at Oscillate Studios in Manchester, ‘Small Talks’ is inherently British in its lyrical content and sentiment, battling between the social expectations to be polite when really you couldn’t care less. Joe King and The Jays perfect that punk outlook and deliver their attitude with a sound that is accessible and undeniably endearing. Theirs is a perspective we can all see through, and their punchy guitars and raucous energy is infectiously positive.

The energy this track brings means you know it’s gonna be a better live. Joe King and The Jays have their fair share of live experience, gigging relentlessly across the northern belt, offering their fans a chance to escape from the severity of the outside world, and lose themselves in the music for a while.

Small Talks’ is catchy, full of energy and attitude, and a really exciting release for this band whose mission it is to have fun.