We review the new single from Joel Black and The Hallelujahs – The Elusive Mr Richards

Do you reckon you could get behind an indie-rock track with a big chorus?

If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place. ‘The Elusive Mr. Richards’ is the new single from Joel Black & The Hallelujahs. It’s fast, persuasive, and has a sense of purpose it. You can tell the song sounds exactly how it was meant to, as the musical influences ring clear.

Joel described his music as that ‘which will be eagerly received by fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Doors, Joy Division, and Pink Floyd.’. He’s not afraid to make his influences known, and they shine through in the track. You have to admire that.

Everything begins with the rumbling of the rhythm section. As things build, the layers of classic indie rock are pieced together. 

Perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle is Black’s narrative vocals. He puts you right in the middle of the song, leaving you wanting to know even more about the so-called ‘Mr Richards’. What’s more, we’re given some lovely reverberated guitar licks to emphasise the song just that one step further.

At points, it has to be said that things can start to feel overly wordy. Sometimes it’s better to limit the story, and keep things simple. It will only enhance the effect of wanting to know more anyway.

The Elusive Mr. Richards’ is an exciting release from Black and the band.