We review the new single from John Dee – Why

After a string of various releases, mostly geared around a partying lifestyle, and an album that is now 10 years old, John Dee returns with a new single. 

Why, is clearly a breakup song from the outset, spelling out its messages plain and simple. There’s both a personable, and personal message around Why, being both relatable to people who’ve been cheated on and others that are going through rough breakups, is a great strength to it. It gives this intimate feeling and spells out John Dee’s story in black and white through simple and ruthless songwriting. 

The entirety of Why is based around the line of “why you gotta break my heart?”, with emphasis being strategically placed around the “why”. Each time it’s uttered, there is an intense bass blast in the backing track just to drive home the message. It brings out a variety of emotions, and no doubt will alter from person to person as to what feelings it will stir. But there’s no doubt that feelings of anger, mistrust, heartbreak, and frustration will arise from listening to this song. But it’s within this that it finds its relatability as a song, grappling with something that a lot of people will and have sadly suffered. 

Within the songwriting there are multiple moments where direct shots are taken at the subject of the song. Statements are made of having kids together, getting married, and all those bridges being burned due to the cheating that has taken place. It really slams home the heartbreak and bitterness of Why in a dramatic sense. 

The backing track to Why is befitting of the low tempo and laid back hip-hop genre that John Dee has mastered. Keeping it minimal and simple, with big blasting bass mixed alongside of high key notes. They’re simple, similar to the lyrics. But Why is not striving to be something intricate and meaningful, instead striking like a hammer with ruthless efficiency. This marriage of straightforward lyrics and a hefty yet minimal backbeat is perfect. 

Why in itself, is one of the most bitter and savage songs going, but one that keeps its chilled and cold vibes perfectly. Every line is measured, never spilling into evilness or outright rage, instead lining up every word and firing a metaphorical bullet to shoot down its target with frightening precision. It’s certainly a mood piece through and through, but one that hits the mark perfectly.