We review the new single from Jonas Glamann – Trying To Love Again

Jonas Glamann has this week returned with his new single, ‘Trying To Love Again’. The track is heartfelt and sincere, following on from the success of his previous releases, ‘Untold Truth’ and ‘The Way It Goes’.

‘Trying To Love Again’ sees Jonas Glamann’s emotive and consoling songwriting come to the forefront, as it bonds perfectly with the vibrant instrumentation. Within this track, it becomes clear that Glamann works hard mastering his craft, ‘Trying To Love Again’ features glimmering guitar tones that help the song come to life, contributing to its homely feel. Taking inspiration from pop superstars like Justin Bieber and James Bay yet also nodding towards smaller artists such as The Bros. Landreth, ‘Trying To Love Again’ is a simple yet beautiful track which listeners are bound to adore.

For Jonas Glamann, music has always played a major role. Based in Germany, the singer-songwriter has started playing guitar when he was just 7 years old. This led to him joining a band at 11, allowing him to hone his craft. This talent is portrayed flawlessly within ‘Trying To Love Again’, the production of the track allows it to feel tender and personal, with its laidback atmosphere further enhanced by Jonas’ heartfelt vocals.

‘Trying To Love Again’ stands proudly as Jonas Glamann’s strongest release to date, destined to push him further into the spotlight, the track feels warm and is well crafted, a pleasure to listen to.