We review the new single from Jonny Jack – Voodoo

A soulful mashup of indie, pop and swing, this new track from Glasgow singer-songwriter Jonny Jack has irresistible groove to match the uncompromising power of his vocals, with the result being a truly spellbinding three-and-a-half minutes of mastery.

Voodoo is a real genre-bending, joy bringing tune. The opening seconds set it up to be a real stripped back acoustic piece in which he croons atop a simple guitar track, but with then entrance of a brass section the track is transformed into one bursting with enchanting rhythms which are unrelenting through the rest of the song.

Even with all the weird and wonderful sounds built around it, nothing distracts from what is really at the core of Voodoo, Jonny’s voice, and his wonderful talent for musical storytelling. In describing the tale behind this song he says: “When I was 16 I watched two of my friends being played against each other by an in-demand female at a house party. It looked like they were under some sort of magic spell. I thought, this is really strange to witness… like voodoo. Bang, I went home and wrote the track”, and that comedy and oddness which inevitably shines through with teenage lads and lasses is what certainly shines through in his sound here.

The overriding emotion Voodoo exudes is sheer happiness. It’s a fun track, one which implores you to jig along to each fascinating beat as if it were the last, and leaving you grinning like a fool as you see part of your past self being ridiculed in the lyrics. A beautiful piece of music, and a forerunner to an album which we are getting only more exciting for with each new release…