Crazy As Me Josh Rosenblum
Crazy As Me Josh Rosenblum


California’s Josh Rosenblum is not restricted by one single genre on his beautiful new track, Crazy As Me. Following two years of writing in a small room surrounded by instruments, Rosenblum presents a striking and varied single.

With lashings of country, pop, blues and jazz, Crazy As Me really sets itself up to be one of America’s finest tracks of 2023. Rosenblum’s warm southern vocals resonate delightfully with the ongoing jazzy guitar stylings. The complex jazz playing at the opening of the track caught me off guard and intrigued me simultaneously.

Crazy As Me Josh Rosenblum

In the bridge, the guitars take on a bluesy route with the classic Southern sound being felt with every note as Rosenblum’s sheds with sugary sweet guitar tones. Each guitar lick champions the last with soulful vocals playing out the track. The chorus of vocals blurring in Rosenblum’s roaring lead vocal is an impressive transition from the delicate guitar sounds.

Rosenblum who is the frontrunner of the recording and playing really demonstrates quality craftmanship. The listener is treated to a variety of sounds, compositions, and structures in this just over four-minute piece. The leading chorus line is soulful as the love around Rosenblum’s words provides soothing undertones to an already smooth groove.

The vocal harmonies are encapsulating in the chorus and the nature of someone finding a person equally as crazy is elegant romanticism. To even begin to search for influences is impossible as Rosenblum has his fingers in so many pies. The best description can be if Blues Traveller Band, B.B. King, and Tom Misch all collaborated together. Add some soulful harmonies and background vocals and you’ve got a Rosenblum track.

You can find Crazy As Me on Rosenblum’s new album, Love Letter. This reviewer will certainly be looking to see what more Rosenblum has to offer on a full length. It’s a single track is anything to go by, you’re in for a treat.