We Review the new single from K3NBY – ‘The Edge’

Delivering a summery bliss, ‘The Edge’ is the euphoric new track from London based artist K3NBY. For fans of Martin Garrix and Avicii, K3NBY teams up with a fantastic vocalist whose effortless vocals perfectly match the energy of the track.

The overwhelming feeling of this track is just feel-good energy. Listening to it makes it feel like summer is just around the corner, and sends your mind to daydream about festival fields and sunset drives. ‘The Edge’ was written to be played loud with the windows down for everyone to hear!

With a relentless energy, K3NBY gives us feel-good pop vibes with memorable melodies, and ecstasy-inducing buildups and drops in the track. It’s hard to sit still listening to ‘The Edge’, everything in the track encourages your body to move in time with the beat. K3NBY is sure to be filling dancefloors with this song which sounds like it is destined for huge club nights.

‘The Edge’ features pristine production, delivering a high quality sound that allows this track to excel and shine. Giving us highs and lows, this song is far from mundane and really provides a glimmer of summer, a very welcome lift on a March weekday!

The music video was directed, produced, filmed & edited by K3NBY himself and stars Zara Deniz as they bring this vibrant tune to life. The video captures the beauty of nature, and the serenity that good music can bring to your day. Shot entirely on an iPhone, it’s clear that K3NBY’s creativity and ingenuity knows no bounds.