We Review the New Single from Karen Harding – ‘I’ve Got A Secret’

The pandemic seemed to have one of two effects on bands, musicians, and artists, regardless of where they were in the world. They either disappeared into obscurity or doubled down on their efforts. For many, it was a case of shitting or getting off the pot.

Thankfully for Australian songstress Karen Harding, she doubled down, using the various lockdowns in Melbourne to focus her efforts, while so many bands globally were calling time. “I’ve Got A Secret” is one example of a track written in lockdown and the first to be taken from Harding’s forthcoming EP of the same name.

Three and a half minutes of moving, mournful folk, “I’ve Got A Secret” explores the anxieties and insecurities that come with sharing the side of oneself that’s less than perfect; the side which leaves you open to criticism and judgement.

These worries, these anxieties, are encapsulated perfectly by Harding across the record’s runtime. Understated strings serve to heighten the emotion, joining a gently strummed guitar and Harding’s effortless vocal delivery which becomes more fraught as the track progresses.

It’s something that’s bolstered by the track’s also understated production, something which in lesser hands might make the song feel sketchy or unfinished, yet here only serves to embolden the track’s moody atmosphere.

The first of four individual tracks to be released from Harding’s EP, ‘I’ve Got A Secret’ serves as the perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with the Australian’s work, whilst whetting the appetite of those clamouring for more material from the Melbourne-based songstress.