We review the new single from Kierra the Goddess – From The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Bringing us new music all the way from the other side of the Atlantic, Kierra the Goddess has just released her energetic new song ‘From The Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Jumping straight in with an infectious guitar riff, things build until an addictive groove kicks in as Kierra’s voice begins to present itself in a series of catchy melodies. As the song evolves we hear intertwining vocal lines, high-spirited whoops, and shifting dynamics. This really is a lively, bouncy song that makes for an ideal single release.

It doesn’t come on its own though. This song comes as part of a double release alongside the much more ethereal and chilled ‘it’s ok to change. Kierra really shows off her songwriting range in this double release.

Explaining the meaning behind the song, Kierra said ‘I wrote ‘From the manic pixie dream girl’ about being made into a joke after telling a lot of jokes. It’s a rage song for people who have my humour style.’. You can tell Kierra has put genuine feeling and thought into writing this song, allowing personality to shine through.

Kierra also gave us the background as to why she writes her music. She began writing songs at six years old to deal with changes at home. Being a young black woman seeing such a lack of representation for her interests with her own culture at the forefront, Kierra began making her own music. 

She’s really taking it into her own hands and becoming that someone people can look up to, and you have to commend that. Give her music a listen and show some support!