With a heavy, rock edge, Killing Aura’s latest single, Gimmie The Fight puts them on the map as an outfit that is the new kid on the block with something to prove.

Gimmie The Fight itself is conceptually based around being on a night out, to go out to have a good old-fashioned scrap with someone. It’s a clear intent that’s stated continually with its choral hook of ‘gimmie the fight’. With this idea, it sets itself apart from songs in a similar vein and is acting double duty as a mission statement of what the band is going for. They aren’t here to just sit back and watch as others rise to the top, they want to fight for it.

Musically, we have an intense rock anthem here, one that’s full of harsh drums and guitar, as well as a raspy and worn vocal performance. It’s a track that goes all out on the gas and never lets up for a single moment.

Opening with a harsh bit of sampling that is met with an immediate cascade of guitars and drums. It’s this roughness that defines the genres that Gimmie The Fight could fall into, with the speed of punk, hard rock crunchiness, and rough edges of garage.

The guitars in particular pack some huge punches. The bass is given a moment during a bridge section that’s epic to listen to. This then opens up for a filthy guitar solo that brings the house down.

These are only complimented by a fast drum beat that gives no quarter. Accentuated in places by subtle percussion of a cowbell that breaks through ever so slightly, but just rounds it out nicely. And of course, every song needs ‘more cowbell’.

Lastly, the vocal performance is tort but not unpleasant or too rough to listen to. It’s drawn out in such a way that it adds to the intensity and urgency of the whole song. That desperation to cause some mayhem.

Killing Aura as a whole has packed Gimmie The Fight tightly with everything you could need from this kind of fast-paced rocker track. Not wasting a single second of the three-and-a-half minute runtime with meaningless noise or empty air. It’s a strong outing that just shows they aren’t here to play around.