We review the new single from Killing Aura – Limitless

A chugging rhythm and fuzzed up guitars, Killing Aura bring a bite with their indie rock sound.

It feels like only a moment ago that we were provided with their previous single, the gritty ‘Resolution’. Now, almost without hesitation, the Nottingham band are coming straight back at us with their new track ‘Limitless’.

Just like last time, we are given snarling vocals and a non-stop musical backing that would leave many moshers catching their breath. If there’s one thing you can say about Killing Aura, it’s that they’re not timid in their attitude.

Once again, their sound isn’t genre-bending and it doesn’t test the boundaries of what we may have heard before, but it certainly sits perfectly well in that alternative music category.

The band seems to be on a roll. Picking up plenty of listens on their first three songs, it appears they are proving popular for a lot of indie-rock heads. Hopefully, they can keep the momentum up and fulfill the potential that lies in front of them.

Before you know it, we’ll likely be reviewing another of their growing number of successful tracks.