We review the new single from Killing Aura – Resolution

With gritty rock riffs and ear-bursting snare hits, Killing Aura are certainly not afraid to come at you in full force. They proved that the first time around with their debut single ‘Million’, so it’s only fitting that they do it again with their brand new single ‘Resolution’.

Vocals snarling unsurprisingly about resolutions lay over the heavy alternative rock sound and sees the Nottingham band cement the tone for their sound. From the first 10 seconds of ‘Resolution’ you can tell you’re about to get several minutes of intensity. Whilst the sound may be harsh and arguably nasal for some, it is definitely the perfect sound that others out there are searching for.

When those people stumble upon Killing Aura, I’m sure they’ll be desperate for more releases in the near future.

The Nottingham band pair the release with a music video that can only be described as a fascinating yet confusing four-minute watch. All that can be said is that the video sees a friendly card game take a turn for the worse.

Having recorded ‘Resolution’ over the summer, the band has brought it to us just in time for their UK tour alongside Swansea band The Fiends. They’ll be playing 5 shows across the country so make sure to catch them if you can!