We review the new single from King’s Division – ‘Unreleased’

‘Unreleased’ is the brand new single from Leighton Buzzard King’s Division. This song comes charging straight out of the gate with relentless distorted guitars and drums. Giving you 100% of their energy from the get-go, it is clear from just the intro of this song that this band is not here to play.

The lead vocals on this track are surprisingly nimble, leaping seemingly effortlessly up to a well supported falsetto, and occasionally bordering on a scream. The vocal tone supports the gritty side of this single, built by the instrumental.

A huge chorus contrasts nicely with the more stripped down verses before barrelling straight into a massive mid-section, with screaming vocals and heavy drums and guitars.

This could be an artistic decision, but there seems to be some missed beats on this track that jar ever so slightly, but certainly do not take away from this polished and heavy track.

3 minutes long, this song feels much shorter as the energy of the track flies through the structure. The mix is well balanced, with plenty of space given to the vocals without detracting from the sheer volume of the guitars. There’s maybe an expectation for more of a guitar solo, but perhaps that’s something King’s Division is retaining for the live shows.

This song definitely delivers on the heavier side of mainstream rock, and is the perfect tonic for the angst that we all need to relive sometimes.

King’s Division create a stunning amount of noise for a three piece, and ‘Unreleased’ is a sign of promising things to come as they look forward to the release of their EP ‘As of Yet Unreleased’.