Five piece alternative band from Delhi named Kraken’s new single “Khan Market Gang” is a riveting explosion of multi-genre madness in which there is never a dull moment.  

Mixing rock, folk, rap, psychedelic as well as South Asian music like Bhangra influences together Kraken create a deliciously diverse melting pot of genre in their latest single “Khan Market Gang”. Using traditional Indian instruments in the track as well as modern electronic influences “Khan Market Gang” defies genre and time conventions making it feel utterly futuristic and unique. Displaying pride in their heritage and the music of South Asia the way Kraken blend these elements into their tracks is bold and striking.  

Lyrically focussing on life in Delhi and the vibrancy of the people and streets of their city Kraken paints a vivid image of the hustle and bustle and spirited atmosphere of their city. With an action-packed mix filled to the brim with all different kinds of instruments, the song feels almost overwhelming at times as the lyrics also reflect this singing “I’m losing my mind/I’m losing my face/I’m losing my trace”.

There’s charming chaos to “Khan Market Gang” that portrays life in the city it tells of however executed with excellent production and musicianship allowing the chaos to create magic. Despite its almost four-minute runtime “Khan Market Gang” is so lively that it flies by leaving the listener hungry for more music as rich as the culture that it represents.