Kurt Gott


Gracing us with a wonderful dose of Americana is Florida’s very own Kurt Gott.

Having been featured on RGM previously, we know what to expect from this craftsman. His songs always carry a brilliant simplicity, relying on basic elements, but still hold a lot of wonder. Continuing a long rich tradition in the American south, his brand of Americana feels simultaneously nostalgic and fresh.

As is traditional in the genre, his songwriting has a very storytelling feel to it. His lyricism is based on reflection, as he reminisces about past times.

The whole track just has a very openness and honesty running through it, in the way that any folk-inspired piece should.

Gott has now built a small but impressive catalogue of tracks, and seems to go from strength to strength. Whilst he may not necessarily be breaking any new ground, it calls back to an era that is perhaps too often overlooked this side of the Atlantic.

This track in particular feels like a high point so far for Gott. It sticks to his record of being unwaveringly dedicated to the roots of his sound.

His voice specifically feels as if it was crafted to sing these song, and the sharp little rings from the pedal steel guitar which rise from the background just give the whole thing a final authentic touch.  

We salute our American cousin on another great track. Take a listen below.

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