A gentle start to what feels like a country classic already, ‘I Miss The Nightlife‘ is not expected to be quite honest. It comes in as a surprise with the glistening harmonies and it sounds like something you’d hear when you open the doors of a Nashville music bar.

Sounding like the offspring of the Eagles and Chris Stapleton, musically, this track is charming and a calming, delicate number with a heart full of gold.

Whilst this song was recorded at home studios, you can hear there’s a vintage sound to it. It’s not completely polished and I feel that really showcases talent even more.

There are imperfections in the mix but they actually MAKE the perfections. Armed with a charming vocal and even better songwriting, Kurt Gott has star written all over him.

The song is about reflecting back on your younger years and reminiscing about the great times we used to share together going out with our friends on the town, partying, and coming home in the early hours of the morning. It resonates with people probably from all walks of life as we navigate through some of our hardest years.

It covers land that it’s ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them, yet keeps your gaze whilst throwing a huge party to listen to.

Kurt details that this song is mainly about spending those nights with his girlfriend at the time, who eventually became his wife. You can hear this track leans towards a love song and that the love all these years later is still strong.

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