We Review the new single from LadyyBirdd – Into What Is Wanted

Next week sees Brooklyn’s LadyyBirdd (real name Gina Izzo) share her new single, ‘Into What Is Wanted’, taken from the upcoming debut album from this project. The release of the album sees Gina compose and produce her own music for the first time, enlisting the help of some of her favourite musicians to help the project come to life.

‘Into What Is Wanted’ is this projects first offering, showing an unreal level of talent from Gina. The track is centered around the playing of the flute, with ‘Into What Is Wanted’ truly highlighting the often-forgotten beauty of the instrument. An atmospheric, instrumental piece, the release shows that Gina Izzo is a force to be reckoned with, as the song moves and transforms into different paces and melodies to really keep listeners on their toes.

Accompanying the single, Gina is also set to share its music video, a stunning, bright visual that spotlights the talent in this project. As the music video unfolds, viewers get to see a real sense of the effort and commitment that Gina Izzo has put into this project.

At six and a half minutes long, ‘Into What Is Wanted’ stands as a brave yet strong release for LadyyBirdd’s debut release, however, this is only going to benefit Gina as it shows off how talented she really is. The track emphasizes the importance of lesser-talked-about instruments such as the flute and proves how vital they are to musicians – providing a joyous listening experience which is then further enhanced by its entrancing visual.

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