We review the new single from LASHADE – ‘Simmer’

Sensual and mysterious, ‘Simmer’ is the impressive debut single from LASHADE. This Manchester band brings the fire of human connection together with cold production to reflect the hollowness of our society. ‘Simmer’ is a powerful introduction to this band. Atmospheric with strong vocals, this tune oozes attitude.

Gritty guitars and grungy sounding synths contrast satisfyingly with haunting and delicate opening vocals. ‘Simmer’ is all about the art of seduction, and this song certainly succeeds in seducing the listener with its jagged production that positions LASHADE as an edgy London Grammar.

Maybe on the simple side lyrically, it feels like the focus of this song is meant to be on the production so this does not take away from the single. Building to a fervent and fuzzy climax, LASHADE perhaps could have given us more to end the song, it would be nice to see the vocals match the build of the track. However in some ways, this contrast makes for an interesting experience, and challenges what you might expect from a song’s climax.

With the arrangement bordering on cinematic at times, LASHADE demonstrates an intuitive understanding of production value, with each element of the track delivering something meaningful and impactful. With not a wasted note, ‘Simmer’ makes the most of its three minute running time, and leaves a lasting impression.

While the production may take centre stage, the lead vocals deserve an honourable mention, posing as the perfect counterpoint to the gritty arrangement. Delivered with a haunting purity, there is a lot to be found in this juxtaposition of sounds.

Spacious and carefully composed to create a polished and regimented sound. For fans of Unloved and Bonobo, and the previously mentioned London Grammar, LASHADE are posing as an exciting newcomer and promise plenty of new releases to come this year. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.