Some serious beats and catchy melodies being brought to my ears today as I get the pleasure of listening to ‘Brighter Days’ by Laurelight for the first time. And believe me, it is certainly a pleasure to have heard this song today. A really uplifting, sort of motivating track in so many ways. 

The lyricism in this track alone is enough to make any man stand with his fist clenched in the air ready to take on the world. It’s incredible how anyone can write music that lifts a mood so much, that’s always been quite interesting to me and Laurelight has hit the nail on the head with his aim of motivating us all to look to ‘brighter days’ with their latest release. 

The Italy born alt pop artist has combined those catchy lyrics I mentioned with some really bouncy, bedroom-pop-esque drumbeats and seemingly blues inspired guitar licks in places (which, I won’t lie, appealed to my guitar loving brain). The track sort of seems to bring together a cocktail of influences, which should make it seem so strange sonically. However, somehow this song is so catchy that it almost seems familiar from the get go. 

Laurelight has a knack, very clearly, for writing memorable and relatable songs. This one really managed to lift my mood and fill me with some sense of motivation and I’m sure it’ll do the same to many other listeners as they wrap their ears around this sonic masterpiece.