We review the new single from Lazy Hunter – Influencer

This new track from Northern two-piece Lazy Hunter is filled with playful vibes and vibrant synths that are guaranteed to leave you smiling along to its beats.

Although this is a sneering exploration of influencer culture, they choose to not do it with aggressive attacks, but rather through a witty, and a little irregular, first-person account from an imagined internet personality. Not done in a vicious or malicious way, it feels like more of a jokey social commentary on the phenomenon, rather than a personal insult, and it gives the track a real jovial edge.

Influencer really is a big melting pot of sounds with a distinctly experimental feel throughout. The overall feel that you get from the song is that they have had just as much fun making it as you do listening to it. They cram in all these weird and wonderful sounds which rise to the forefront of the sound before melting away again in place of something new.

Frontman Chris has described how he had previously chased success, and how he has really let the shackles off in this new project, and you do truly get the feeling that this track is a result of just that. It feels so free of anything forced, anything too cliché, and instead just flows beautifully and naturally.

These boys may not shoot right to the top, but they will certainly not be creating anything boring. We look forward excitedly to their mini-album, which will hopefully be with us soon.