We review the new single from Letters to Frances – Like That

With the ill omen of releasing on a Friday 13th, Like That is a bold and powerful rock anthem with a lot of modern day influence to it along with a softer sound. But is it any good? The short answer is, absolutely. 

With a more acoustic and softer feel to it’s guitars, it adds a more gentle twang to the song that sells the intense loving feel of the song. With a mixture of influences across the board, ranging from punk rock, alt, and country in particular given its twanging guitars. 

It’s a little bit of a throwback kind of track, with cover art that harkens back to the neon purple and pink of the 80’s. And that right there is how the song feels, like a rock ballad that’s ripped straight out of the 80’s. 

As each verse is laden with two of the guitars intricately plucking and giving plenty of attitude, backed up by a deep and intense bass and plenty of hi-hat and cymbal taps to keep that lighter feel. In contrast the chorus and the solo switch into a deeper and more intense sound that have a much more classic electric guitar sound that’s soaking with style. 

The whole mood feels ripped straight out of a steamy romance flick, to its benefit of course. With it’s similarly longing and steamy lyrics like, “when you’re not in my bed, you’re in my head”. It keeps it classy though and never strays into smut in any way. Keeping it all above board and staying a course of inference and lovingness. 

There’s plenty of interesting things going on with Like That, down to the way the guitars are used, the throwback aesthetic, the soft and breathy vocals that sell the mood just that little bit more. It’s a great track that’s easy to listen to and is definitely one for setting a mood. It’s got pretty much everything a modern rock song should have, and even manages to freshen up the long dead and beaten horse that is ‘the love song’. Letters to Frances have pushed out a solid outing with Like That, made doubly impressive by it being their sophomore single.