We Review The New Single From Lewis Ross-Robson – Black Again

Layered with reflection and melancholy, Manchester-based singer/songwriter Lewis Ross-Robson returns to the world of music with his new single ‘Black Again’.

The first of three singles expected this year, Black Again sees Lewis tackle old habits influenced by the Lockdown period which develop into a much healthier lifestyle. The heavy acoustic focus and slow rhythm of the bass and drums give the feeling of a Nick Cave piece if he left the piano at home.

Taking influence from artists such as Cave and Stephen Fretwell, the slow beat of the instruments gives a euphoric feeling of endless drifting, but with a sense of enlightenment through the gentle major chords and electric licks.

Both the artwork and music video to accompany Black Again deliver an abstract feeling with landscapes and their lack of life summing up the emptiness and lack of lifestyle from the Lockdown era. Lewis’ vocal effects layered with the northern sluggish vocal delivery mix well with the resonating acoustics and walking bass notes. It really does feel like the vocals are traveling down a stream of instruments.

The vocals and their spacious word delivery add to the melancholy vibe but tying in with each ringing note of the acoustics, it makes for an engaging and thought-provoking five minutes. You feel hooked to Lewis’ delivery and what he has to say. The initial first encounter with the vocals set me back slightly, but upon further listening to similarities to artists such as Paolo Nutini create an exciting new experience for this melodic style of alternative rock.

The instrumental ascension in the bridge is smooth and slow dances the song on its way out to the hope that the other two singles to follow are prosperous and continue this luscious mix of acoustics.