We review the new single from Lewis Shepperd – Bite

Whilst there are some grunge elements shining through, it’s the modern day alternative rock influence that really is the blazing star in this track. It’s a refreshing sight to see in the modern musical landscape. 

With some many bands and artists leaning into more definitive genres, such as hardcore, metalcore, indie, pop, and RnB. The alternative rock genre almost feels a little left behind after it’s early 00’s heyday. 

Lewis Shepperd though brings something that brings it back to something that various genre fans will probably be able to get into much easier. Instead of catering to diehard genre fans, it’s something a little more toned down and mixed up. And whilst there’s still that hard, alt-rock edge to it, Bite stands proud as to exactly what it is. 

Bite, as a song contains plenty of elements that string it all into an interesting little beast. With vaguely erotic but fairly safe-for-work shades in its lyrics, a minimal amount of screaming vocals, and a nice and crunchy rock sound, it really packs a surprisingly solid punch. 

Getting into the meat and potatoes though, we have the musicianship itself. Here the guitar is just harsh enough to give it a little jaggedness but soft enough in its quieter moments to let the bass punch through in a beautifully funky fashion. 

The drums are pounding and very punchy, as each hit gives a satisfactory ‘dumph’ and ‘pop’ that leave them feeling lively rather than flat. They’re used more than just a backbeat, they’re used as an instrument that has its own moments and influence. 

In previous reviews on Shepperd’s singles ‘This Blood Is Yours’ and ‘Follow You’, he was praised for his vocal range and raw talent. The same can be said here, and whilst it’s another single that you can’t really pit to, it’s still a tremendous showcase of Shepperd’s fantastic voice. 

Once again, Shepperd does something just a little different with this latest single, utilising his myriad of influences to craft a great tune.