A really moody electronic track is reminiscent of some great 80s music. ‘Heavy Feelings’ is a track written by Irish songwriter Lights DC in collaboration with Martin McCann, a song which really does have a dark undertone to it at the same time as being really bouncy and, dare i say, quite irritatingly catchy. This song is a real earworm. 

I can almost imagine walking into a nightclub and hearing this for some reason and absolutely bouncing around, the lyrical content of the song becomes hard to actually notice just purely because of the foot-tapping, head bopping feel of the instrumentals behind this track. 

This is the first piece of new material from the Dublin based songwriter and producer Lights DC and he is absolutely returning himself to the scene with a bang! The production of this track has so much attention to detail and so much understanding of the genre it aims to be that it is actually hard to pick apart any faults as the listener. Production work like this is a hard skill to learn and quite honestly I admire the work of anyone who can do things like this. Hats off to Neil (Lights DC) here as he is clearly very good at his craft. 

‘Heavy Feelings’ has an incredibly catchy hook for the chorus which I feel like I will more than definitely find myself singing back in my head beyond this review. The song will release on the 28th of October and honestly, although this isn’t usually my type of music personally I will absolutely be getting this into my playlists and will more than definitely find myself bopping around the flat to this one. Really great work from Lights DC, I look forward to hopefully hearing even more in the near future!