Sydney based artist Lije. presents his new single FNTY, a smooth, radio-ready alt-pop banger.

Lije. draws influence from the likes Khalid, Lucky Daye and Arin Ray and unlike a lot of artists in this vain, Lije. brings something fresh and exciting, Marrying his effortless vocal delivery with gospel-influenced pads and some incredibly produced drums which drive the track into each chorus.

The production on FNTY is absolutely top draw, a track that you’ll notice something new with each listen. The layering in the pre-chorus deserves a special mention with the introduction of a subtle rhythmic guitar which is complemented by a funk-influenced bass lick both of which are both mixed to perfection, creating a groove reminisant of contemporary’s Still Woozy or Omar Apollo.

Lyrically this cut is weak, leaning too often on cliches and references to designer brands, a very tired lyrical theme, fortunately, Lije.’s harmonies and vocal delivery more than makeup for his lack of lyrical creativity.

Creative production, excellent vocal performance and a memorable chorus, Lije. is undoubtedly one of the most exciting new artists I’ve heard in this alt-pop realm – Keep an eye on this one.