We review the new single from Lior Holzman’s – Bus Notes

The sound of gentle picked guitar rings across the speakers as sentimental vocals introduce Lior Holzman’s new single ‘Bus Notes’

There’s no mistaking the emotion that has been poured into this track. As layers of instruments slowly build throughout the song, the feeling that hangs from each note is only emphasised further.

Lior has achieved something that many songwriters struggle to do. He’s balanced the personality and the relatability just about right.

You can tell that the words Lior sings really do mean something to him, but at the same time it’s easy to hear yourself in the song. To manage this is a special skill, and one that Lior should be pleased to have.

One thing the singer-songwriter promises is that he will catch your attention with just a few seconds of his music. He sticks to his promise in ‘Bus Notes’, as you can’t help but be drawn in by the silky melodies of guitar and vocals.

To take it one step further, Holzman impresses with a poignant guitar solo to round off the track. It only adds to the list of things that the Tel Aviv musician can do. 

Lior’s genuineness radiates from his music, and you can’t help but appreciate it.

If you had to give any advice to him then you’d tell him to keep doing what he’s doing, because he evidently cares a lot about it. However, with another single on the way, he has already beaten me to it. ‘Insomnia’ is set to be released in early December this year.

Listen to ‘Bus Notes’ down below and let us know what you think!