We review the new single from Liquid Patience – Mother Dearest

An unexpectedly pop-infused track from Northumberland band Mother Dearest as they throw aside some of the angsty sound we have heard in their previous EP’s for a brighter, altogether more uplifting vibe, but whilst still retaining that slight pop-punk edge.

In a slightly oxymoronic twist of fate for this song, being infuriatingly put on hold time and time again as the pandemic continued to rear its ugly head, has in fact resulted in a smoother, altogether more chilled out sound. Having been forced to experiment with recording at home for long stretches since this track was first conceived in early 2020, they returned to the studio and decided to take charge of the recording, and the results are spellbinding.

Finding levels of melodic brilliance enough to induce even the stiffest of toes into a tap, Mother Dearest feels like the most complete offering to date, its parts coming together with such ease that the sounds seem to become one. If you’re worried they may have gone soft with their sound though, there are undeniably still elements of their heavier roots still embedded into it.

Though now sounding more polished, there is a certainly snarliness that still shines through from the vocals, almost as if lead vocalist Tasha is rolling her eyes at their new-found niceness.

It’s a brave move to move to this new sound after the praise they have received for their previous efforts, but for me it has moved their music forward considerably, and opened new doors for where they may go next. Their boldness has been repaid, and then some.