We review the new single from Lizzie Esau – Jellyfish 

Open the journal of young women and you’ll find Newcastle’s Lizzie Esau’s. At just 23, Esau has already made a large impression in modern music spending her summer performing at festivals and supporting the likes of The Amazons and Baby Queen. To say 2022 was a busy year for Lizzie would be underpinning how many steps her career has taken. By her extensive thoughts and experiences penned, you would think she’d lived a thousand lives, knocking the sentimental nail on the head with each song.

 Jellyfish is for the girls who chase after the wrong boys. The track feels like when you’re a young girl dancing around the room with an imaginary mic, not a care in the world and your stage is massive. There’s a youthful confidence in Lizzie’s work that translates into mending the hearts of the woman we are now. Add in the guitar and you’ve got every little girl’s dream, except this is Lizzie’s life. It’s both nostalgic and new.

There is a sweet naivety within the lyrics offering her heart to anyone who will listen. Indie’s answer to Lily Allen, she’s mesmerizingly honest. There’s a toughness to this genre so as to not come across as a ‘Princess’ or ‘Cheesy’ but Esau is charming and definitely worth keeping your eyes on in 2023.