We Review the New Single from Loucas Bretz – Lower Queensland

Instrumental music is a difficult one. Done right, it conveys emotions, moods, and meaning just as well, and on occasion better, than that with lyrics. That said, done badly, and it can feel thin, unfinished, and ephemeral, struggling to leave a lasting impression, if any impression at all.

Thankfully, Luxembourg’s Loucas Bretz’ latest single ‘Lower Queensland’, falls somewhere in between the two. An ode to a tiny village on a Greek island that’s close to Bretz’ heart, it’s a track that exudes the same easy-going laidback nature of its writer’s own personal paradise, conjuring images of gently lapping waves and golden beaches.

Herein lies the track’s inherent issues however, in its chilled out, meandering nature, it fails to take root, preferring instead to saunter and glide towards its conclusion instead of ever really progressing. Indeed, what could loosely be described as an instrumental bridge in the middle part stymies the pace further, the warm and encompassing atmosphere created early on replaced by little more than plucked guitar, only evolving to repeat itself before drawing to a natural conclusion.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of enjoyment as far as ‘Lower Queensland’ goes, it’s warm optimism and upbeat lack of urgency is a breath of fresh air when compared to a lot of current music and works especially well when listened to as a trio alongside previous singles ‘Golden Skies’ and ‘Autumn Leaves’. The fact remains though, that ambiance can only get you far, and while there are buckets of potential that bubble untapped beneath the surface, Bretz needs to mine a little deeper before truly striking gold.