We review the new single from LPMC – Amsterdam Sam

A juggernaut of a track, ‘Amsterdam Sam’ is the brand new single from Rotherham’s own indie rockers LPMC. The multi-instrumentalist has the full range of his talent on show in this massive single, with pulsating rhythms driving supersonic riffs, which blend perfectly to support his husky and powerful voice.

With a gravel in his tone akin to Jack Savoretti, but packing far more punch, LPMC steals the show with his vocal performance. Everything about this indicates an incredible live performance, with the single buzzing with charisma and energy. A beautiful blend of electronic and organic sounds, the piano crashes against the distorted electric guitar, a timeless combination of sound.

This song holds nothing back, diving straight into the high energy sound which it maintains throughout. The only criticism would be the song’s ending, which feels abrupt, like they couldn’t decide how to end it so went for the classic fade out. I’m sure in live performances this chorus will come round again and again, with its catchy lyrics and melody providing the perfect set finisher. But on the record the end sounds rushed.

Ending aside, ‘Amsterdam Sam’ is a high calibre rock song, complete with a gripping guitar solo, catchy melodies, bold lyrical imagery, and powerhouse vocals. This is the second single from LPMC’s upcoming album release, which if this is anything to go by, is going to be a belter of a record!