We review the new single from Luch Stefano – Night Ride

Equipped with a pop melody that could easily be a TikTok sensation or even sat at the top of the charts, ‘Night Ride’ is the fascinating new piece of art from Luch Stefano. Poised with jiving rhythms that nudge today’s biggest names, the track is based around an alt-pop arrangement that leans to FINNEAS’ 2,5,1 chord progression inspiration.

Receiving praise from the likes of BBC News, BBC Children in Need as well as BBC Introducing in Sussex and Surrey, Luch Stefano is an artist that’s going from strength to strength.

Feeling quite distinctive in an industry that’s heavily limited by sounds, ‘Night Ride’ is fuelled with humour as well as seriousness.

Moments such as ‘there should be a solo here’ before Luch’s vocal solo comes in are moments that grab you in further and leave you wanting more. The story itself was inspired by a casual relationship that Luch had where neither of them was actually in love, but it was more of a chance to grow and have an adventure together.

A relatable song that stays forever youthful and timeless, ‘Night Ride’ will become your go-to track when you’re out driving at night with your squad in the backseat.

The pop industry better make way for one of the hottest artists around!