This track “Lily” has some extremely unfortunate backstory. After the drummers’ father asked if they could play this song one last time for him, his health unfortunately deteriorated. This is fully dedicated to him and hopefully get some money towards a good cause (linked below) after the tragic loss of their number one fan.

They urge anyone who can help to go to this link to donate what you can: https://donation.macmillan.org.uk/?_ga=2.207954642.1946475760.1632609872-1620939886.1632609872

Despite the devastating events surrounding the release, this song is an immensely meaningful song. Starting off with a smooth acoustic guitar, in a sombre, slow intro into the vocals. Jumping into the initial verse gives a frankly fantastic setting for the track. The quiet, almost lullaby-like delivery from the vocals gives the lyrics space to come forward. And throughout vocals are the main focus of this song, with tasteful runs and powerful vibrato.

Also, the lyricism within it is extremely melancholic with imagery. Someone hanging onto a person they adore and being “stained” with them and not wanting to let them go. I think is very fitting along with the message the band wants to put out and the tragic story behind the drummers’ father.

Although the performances may be rough around the edges, it improves the track as it really adds to the feel of a meaningful send-off to a loved one. Rather than a robotic and plastic interpretation of the song he wanted to hear, it is full of imperfections and heart. This track clearly contains a lot of passion, from the original basis of the song to the sad events that lead to the release. It comes in really raw and meaningful and is definitely worth a listen. And once again please do check out the link above to help put towards a good cause.