We review the new single from Lucigenic – Still Breathing

Harbouring both sweetness and swagger in equal measure, the latest single from Manchester’s Lucigenic comes quickly off the back of the band’s previous single “Hope”, but takes an altogether entirely different approach.

Indeed, where “Hope” was a spacious and airy affair, “Still Breathing” is darker, moodier, showcasing a much more visceral side to the band. And well it might. Interested in social media and the insidious effect it has on people, it’s a dark subject matter yet one that’s explored both with gravitas but also with a fizzy, frothy sense of optimism also.

This largely stems from frontwoman Lucy Wyatt’s sweet and sour vocal delivery, one minute poppy, the next gritty and gravelly. It’s something that’s understandably seen the band compared to the likes of Blondie before now, and something that provides the track with a timeless aesthetic.

Though something of a departure from the previous single “Hope”, established fans of the band will be pleased to know that it does share a lot in common with their debut EP. A liberal amount of caustic fuzz coating both and guitar equally; its abrasive nature doing its best to strip Wyatt’s more tender moments of their glossy, poppy veneer.

Steeped in classic influences, “Still Breathing” is a bold and brash release that feels like a step in a confident direction for Lucigenic, however, it’s probably safe to assume that it will appeal more to fans of more classic rock and post-punk, as opposed to the genres’ more contemporary iterations. 

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