We review the new single from Lucy Burke – Deaf Ears

Exploring an idea that we don’t always think about, but one that maybe we should more often, Lucy Burke brings us her new single ‘Deaf Ears’.

A jazz-pop-blues ballad all rolled into one, this track sees Lucy show off her talent and create much musical intrigue. In the mix of all the music, however, it is still Lucy’s powerful vocal skills that stand at the forefront of everything. The flowing, sultry melodies draw you in helplessly. You can’t help but listen.

Explaining the story of the song, Lucy has said it ‘explores the pressure many female artists experience. The pressure to toe the line between sexuality and modesty, to be both revolutionary and conformist… Where your pleas for help and understanding fall upon ”deaf ears”.’.

 The track then takes it one step further, as it ‘celebrates the joy of taking ownership of your life and letting go of expectations in a world where people are quick to judge but slow to reach out.’. This is a topic we frequently see brushed under the carpet in the media, and you have to commend Burke for taking it on.

To put a cherry on top of the cake, the song also sounds great. Every single part plays its role and nothing is lost to the surrounding noise. I wouldn’t even think to question it if I heard the song on a big radio station.

Perhaps it might not appeal to everyone, which is likely the difficulty of trying to combine so many different genres. But, after all, you can’t expect it to be liked by every single person.

I hope we see more music soon from Lucy Burke, because you never quite know what you’re going to get. It’s exciting to be surprised with new music you didn’t think you’d hear. For now, you can check out her previous work and give ‘Deaf Ears’ a listen.