We review the new single from Lukas Setto – What Turns You On (Dario Caminita Remix)

London musician Lukas Setto (aka Lee Henry) serves us a fresh take on his 2019 debut release ‘What Turns You On’ with the Dario Caminita Remix – courtesy of the Italian DJ and producer.

The tempo has been raised on this remix, sounding much brighter and bouncier than the original. Punchier and tighter with an upbeat danceable flow; it turns this soul-soaked track almost disco-flavoured – complimented by a blazing horn section, funky guitars and a slick bass.

Setto’s vocals maintain their silky-smooth quality as he sings of lust and flirtation, reminiscent perhaps of tracks from Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall’ and Stevie Wonder in places.  With lyrics that are both playful and sensual – a trademark of the artist – we’re won over by his seduction.
“Tell me only / Show me slowly / What turns you on..”

What Turns You On’ may have been Setto’s debut, under that pseudonym at least, but the artist is no stranger to the industry. His journey goes back much further including previous production work under the name Tru Menace – but as Lukas Setto (an old nickname due to his falsetto vocal) – the artist truly finds his voice. And what a beautiful voice.

This remix takes an already stunning track and gives it a super Summery twist.