Easy on the ears but somewhat hard to follow, ‘Cex’ still finds a way into your head with great ease. The Berlin act is about to publish its 5th album and the direction it’s going in is contemporary yet nudges music from yesteryear.

A sonic soundscape that could fill a dance floor or even sit happily on your chilled playlist while you’re cozy in your room, it depends on what mood you’re in, but you can easily interpret this track however you want to.

Three and a half minutes of pure adrenaline, this avant-garde number could easily find its way onto the silver screen and be the soundtrack to an action-packed movie where the main protagonist is talking about their mission and what the synopsis is. Taking from an upcoming album ‘Isles of You’, it’s also coinciding with a social audio app that’s accompanying the release, which is all about participation, co-creation, and crowd-recording.

A chaotic piece of work, the track is impactful from the get-go. It doesn’t beat around the bush or get lost in any other genre, it sticks to what it knows and continues on with a great show.

The only thing that I’d add is that the structure of the song feels a bit familiar throughout, I think to make it more experimental, perhaps adding another section like a bridge or something may have enhanced further.

Nevertheless, a strong release and the first I’ve heard from Lump200