We review the new single from Luxury Goods – Tiny Moving Parts

Sheffield singer Luxury Goods combines their awe-inspiring voice with a meaningful motive to produce this new track which takes down self-loathing with unapologetic power and mesmeric beats.

Hypnotic synths combine with captivating guitar riffs to create the base of this track, and they blend effortlessly giving the whole track a truly hopeful feeling despite it being rooted in a serious subject. The sparkly flashes of guitar which shoot into bit drum rhythms in the chorus before falling down again keep the whole track feeling fresh from start to finish, but its within the lyrics that Tiny Moving Parts presents its biggest strength.

Luxury Goods has described it as coming from a place where I was sick and tired of always tearing myself down.” We can be very vicious to ourselves, and have a lot of internalised expectations of who we should be and what we should look like. It takes a lot of strength to tune out the external opinions we stack up in our minds and to reclaim our confidence”, and that is portrayed in both the lyrical content and the music itself.

The verses are made up predominantly of almost spoken word atop the music, with little melody to the vocals as she chats about self-doubt with fierce, biting content. The chorus, on the contrary, launches itself into a different dimension with powerful vocals, giving it a real feeling of redemption, of breaking through the hardships inside your own mind, and it instantly make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, as you realise you are experiencing quite the special track.

This wonderful showcase of both musical talent and the ability to communicate so clearly something everyone struggles with at times is quite frankly astonishing. It’s pop-inspired at heart, but still beautifully raw in content, which is no easy feat to achieve. It’s a track that, whether for its message or simply its sounds, needs to be heard. Give it a listen below.