We review the new single from M.I.U – Mood For Love

Romanian music producer and songwriter M.I.U has served up her latest single ‘Mood For Love’, and we’re pretty keen.

Hailing from Bucharest – the artist, real name Mihaela Grigore, started her musical journey back in 2014 when working as a DJ. Since then, Grigore has performed vocals with Romanian electronic band Suie Paparude and began solo-project M.I.U (“Am I You?”) exploring genres such as synth pop, house, nu disco and chill out.

It’s under this banner that we’re brought a new release ‘Mood For Love’. Describing the track’s background, M.I.U said online “I wrote this song thinkin’ bout my bff who, one time, at 3AM, left the party and went straight to her ex boyfriend’s door. After waking the whole block up, she was chased away by neighbours and a pot of cold water”

This particular scenario – the drunken booty call – will likely be rather relatable for some of us. And it’s this that M.I.U taps into in such a playful way in ‘Mood For Love’. Running at just over 3-and-a-half minutes – the lyricism details those intoxicated thoughts of lust. “I’m in the mood for love / And I’m knocking on your door to get me some”

Opening with the strumming of guitar chords and a giggle, the mischievous tone is set from the off. Grigore’s honeyed vocals give us both sensual and sweet against a mix of synths, a pounding beat, keys, playful sound effects, and ad-libs – we’re completely enticed into this titillating tale.

A nu-disco-infused number, ‘Mood For Love’ is incredibly danceable and catchy.  You’re sure to be humming it all day and night. Perfect to soundtrack your next tipsy tryst.

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