We review the new single from MACY – Pink Bandana

The heavily saturated world of pop music can often seem like a daunting mountain to climb for any aspiring artist, but Cardiff singer-songwriter MACY is climbing that mountain and appears to be doing it effortlessly.

Describing her sound as ‘Dreamy, Nu-Disco, sometimes Dark Pop or even sometimes Funky Pop’, it’s very clear that she takes her music seriously.

Her single ‘Pink Bandana’ is the newest addition to her growing list of infectious pop tracks. Its catchy chorus and well-produced backing are just the start of what impresses with this song. When you delve into the meaning you’ll find it reveals a whole lot more.

Explaining the song, MACY said ‘Pink Bandana’ ‘tackles the early stages of heartache via the rosy lens of a couple’s baby photographs, dressed as a tongue-in-cheek slice of pop-funk. You grow up alongside them as the verses proceed, from high chairs through to unfortunate adolescent periods. The chorus comes to the realisation that these images are all they have to rely on, these days.’.

The thought and effort that goes into MACY’s tracks seem to be serving her well. Having already received wide support from BBC Introducing and recently joining the WILD Management roster, she really seems like one to keep your eye on over the next year.

Pink Bandana’ is the first song to come from MACY’s second EP that is set to be released this year. So if you were worried you wouldn’t be getting any more contagiously catchy pop tracks coming your way then you can worry no more.